Building & Construction

Building & Construction - Plumbing


24 Hrs|$300
Introduction to DWV (Drain, Waste, Vent). Students will also learn about water supply systems, installation techniques, troubleshooting and repairs, with sinks, toilets, tubs/showers, washing machines, plus backflow prevention and pressure reducers.
Building & Construction - Refrigeration and A/C Basics

Refrigeration and A/C Basics

24 Hrs|$300
Troubleshoot and repair of refrigeration-based processing equipment. Attendees will be introduced to refrigeration, temperature, humidity, and conduction of heat. Also includes an overview of other HVAC Systems.
Building & Construction - HVAC EPA 608 Certification

HVAC EPA 608 Certification

9 Hr Add-on|$225
Cover the proper handling methods for refrigerants, review of the EPA 608 regulations. Includes proctored certification exam.
Building & Construction - Residential Electricity

Residential Electricity

36 Hrs|$300
Students will be working with house wiring. This course will address basic knowledge of wiring receptacles, single pole switching, 3-way switching and 4-way switching. The class will also cover branch circuit requirements, wiring techniques, electrical terminology, panel boxes, 220 lines and lighting.
Building & Construction - Commercial Electricity

Industrial/Commercial Electricity

36 Hrs|$300
This is a continuance of the Residential Electricity where students will learn to use electrical test equipment, terminology, maintenance, conduit bending, series and parallel circuits, wiring diagrams, motor controls, motors, electrical code, breakers, and troubleshooting (Pre-requisite Residential Electricity or comparable experience).