Transportation & Distribution

Transportation & Distribution - PA State Emissions

PA State Emissions

8 Hrs|$200
The PA Emissions Inspector Certification course includes general theory on emissions, on board diagnostics, a computer-based and hands-on examination. Successful completion of the course and test qualifies the individual to inspect and pass/fail a vehicle for emissions certification.
Transportation & Distribution - MACS 609 Certification

Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) 609 Certification

9 Hrs|$200
Section 609 certification is a requirement of the US Clean Air Act and is a requirement for purchasing R-12 refrigerant and recovering R-134a and R-12 and R-1234yf refrigerant. This course will cover the curriculum to successfully take a 609 Certification Test. Students will also be trained on AC diagnostics and repair information.
Transportation & Distribution - PA State Auto Inspection

PA State Auto Inspection

12 Hrs|$225
This course will certify mechanics to perform required Pennsylvania State Inspections on cars, motorcycles, and/or heavy-duty trucks. Class costs includes State Inspection Manual, Baseline Theory, Tool Demonstration, Baseline test, 1 Category test and 1 Tactile test.
Transportation & Distribution - Basic Small Engine Repair

Basic Small Engine Repair

24 Hrs|$300
This course covers instruction for performing basic service repairs and tune-ups of small gasoline, two and four stroke engines found in lawn equipment, snow blowers, and garden equipment. Instruction includes the principles of two-cycle and four-cycle engine operation, fuel and exhaust systems, lubrication and cooling systems.
Transportation & Distribution - Advanced Small Engine Repair

Advanced Small Engine Repair

12 Hrs|$200

This course covers instruction for an in depth look at small engine rebuilding and repair, precision measurement and, valve adjustments of small gasoline, four stroke engines found in lawn equipment, snow blowers, and garden equipment.

Basic Small Engine Repair is a pre-requisite.